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Paper: Star Forming Regions in Cassiopeia
Volume: 4, Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume I, The Northern Sky
Page: 240
Authors: Kun, M.
Abstract: This chapter describes the Galactic star forming regions in the constellation Cassiopeia, in the Galactic coordinate range 120° ∼< l ≤ 130°, −5° ≤ b ≤15°. At |b| > 10° the nearby clouds L 1333 and L 1340 are found in this region. The local arm of the Galaxy in Cassiopeia contains only a few star forming regions, smaller and less active than the OB associations of the neighboring Cepheus. Five members of this system, LkHα 198 and its environment, L 1287, L 1293, L 1302/NGC 255, and S 187 are discussed. Several more distant OB associations and giant star forming regions in Cassiopeia are associated with the Perseus arm at 2.0–3.0 kpc. Among these, the Herbig Be star MWC1080 is discussed in this chapter.
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