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Paper: Star Forming Regions in Cepheus
Volume: 4, Handbook of Star Forming Regions:
Volume I, The Northern Sky
Page: 136
Authors: Kun, M.; Kiss, Z.T.; Balog, Z.
Abstract: The northern Milky Way in the constellation of Cepheus (100° ≤ l ≤ 120°; 0° ≤ b ≤ 20°) contains several star forming regions. The molecular clouds of the Cepheus Flare region at b > 10°, are sites of low and intermediate mass star formation located between 200 and 450 pc from the Sun. Three nearby OB associations, Cep OB2, Cep OB3, Cep OB4, located at 600–800 pc, are each involved in forming stars, like the well known high mass star forming region S 140 at 900 pc. The reflection nebula NGC 7129 around 1 kpc harbors young, compact clusters of low and intermediate mass stars. The giant star forming complex NGC 7538 and the young open cluster NGC 7380, associated with the Perseus arm, are located at d > 2 kpc.
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