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Paper: Quality Management in Astronomical Software and Data Systems
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 737
Authors: Radziwill, N. M.
Abstract: As the demand for more sophisticated facilities increases, the complexity of the technical and organizational challenges faced by operational space- and ground-based telescopes also increases. In many organizations, funding tends not to be proportional to this trend, and steps must be taken to cultivate a lean environment in both development and operations to consistently do more with less. To facilitate this transition, an organization must be aware of how it can meet quality-related goals, such as reducing variation, improving productivity of people and systems, streamlining processes, ensuring compliance with requirements (scientific, organizational, project, or regulator), and increasing user satisfaction. Several organizations are already on this path. Quality-based techniques for the efficient, effective development of new telescope facilities and maintenance of existing facilities are described.
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