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Paper: Automating Reduction of Miltifiber Spectra from the MMT Hectospec and Hectochelle
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 587
Authors: Mink, D. J.; Wyatt, W. F.; Caldwell, N.; Conroy, M. A.; Furesz, G.; Tokarz, S. P.
Abstract: Hectospec, the MMT's low resolution, 300 fiber spectrograph, posed some interesting and unique problems for reduction software development. To address these issues as well as the usual ones encountered in a multifiber spectrograph, we built a semi-automatic reduction pipeline, SPECROAD, using host IRAF CL scripting. The pipeline is based on existing IRAF tasks, modified when necessary, with some locally-developed procedures added. For quality control purposes, some human interaction was kept in the process. The pipeline takes raw data and produces one-dimensional, wavelength calibrated, sky subtracted, and velocity correlated spectra that are automatically distributed to their owners and added to a database. We are currently developing a pipeline for the 240-fiber Hectochelle high-dispersion spectrograph and we will discuss the additional issues which have complicated its data reduction.
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