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Paper: XAssist: A System for the Automation of X-ray Astrophysics Analysis
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 579
Authors: Ptak, A.; Griffiths, R.
Abstract: XAssist is a NASA AISR-funded project for the automatino of X-ray astrophysics, with emphasis on galaxies. It is nearing completion of its initially funded effort, and is working well for Chandra and ROSAT data. Initial support for XMM-Newton data is present as well. It is capable of data reprocessing, source detection, and preliminary spatial, temporal and spectral analysis for each source with sufficient counts. The bulk of the system is written in Python, which in turn drives underlying software (CIAO for Chandra data, etc.). Future work will include a GUI (mainly for beginners and status monitoring) and the exposure of at least some functionality as web services. The latter will help XAssist to eventually become part of the VO, making advanced queries possible, such as determining the X-ray fluxes of counterparts to HST or SDSS sources (including the use of unpublished X-ray data), and add the ability of “on-the-fly” X-ray processing. Pipelines are running on ROSAT, Chandra and now XMM-Newton observations of galaxies to demonstrate XAssist's capabilities, and the results are available online (in real time) at XAssist itself as well as various associated projects are available for download.
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