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Paper: Visualization-Directed Interactive Model-Fitting to Spectral Data Cubes
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 477
Authors: Fluke, C. J.; English, J.; Barnes, D. G.
Abstract: Spectral datasets obtained at radio frequencies and optical/IR wavelengths are increasing in complexity as new facilities and instruments come online, resulting in an increased need to visualize and quantitatively analyze the velocity structures. as the visible structure in spectral data cubes is not purely spatial, additional insight is required to relate structures in 2D space plus line-of-sight velocity to their true three-dimensional (3D) structures. This can be achieved through the use of models that are converted to velocity-space representations. We have used the S2PLOT programming library to enable intuitive, interactive comparison between 3D models and spectral data, with potential for improved understanding of the spatial configurations. We also report on the use of 3D Cartesian shapelets to support quantitative analysis.
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