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Paper: Teaching Astronomy via the Internet
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 409
Authors: Benacchio, L.; Brolis, M.; Saviane, I.
Abstract: In the framework of a partnership between the Astronomical Observatory of Padova and Telecom Italia, the most important Italian Internet and Intranet provider, we are experimenting with the educational possibilities of the Internet. A Web site entirely devoted to the teaching of Astronomy to secondary school students has been designed and realized. Graphics and animations are widely used to introduce the concepts, and special care has been devoted to the language used in the text. A group of junior and senior high schools (8–12 grades) will be connected to a server located in the Observatory, and the server will in turn be a gateway to the whole Net. Access will be given to a selected number of external astronomical Web sites. The actual use of this tool in the selected classrooms will be followed up in the next scholastic year (October 97-June 98). A strong and continuous interaction with the teachers is also, obviously, foreseen to unsure a strong positive feed-back. On one hand, this project will give us important suggestions for the further development of a specific educational methods suitable for the Web. On the other, it will give the students basic astronomical knowledge and the possibility to become familiar with the Internet environment.
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