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Paper: Astrobrowse: A Multi-site, Multi-wavelength Service for Locating Astronomical Resources on the Web
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 235
Authors: McGlynn, T.; White, N.
Abstract: We report on the development of a Web agent which allows users to conveniently find information about specific objects or locations from astronomical resources on the World Wide Web. The HEASARC Astrobrowse agent takes a user-specified location and queries up to hundreds of resources on the Web to find information relevant to the given target or position. The current prototype implementation is available through the HEASARC and provides access to resources at the HEASARC, CDS, CADC, STScI, IPAC, ESO and many other institutions. The types of resources the user can get include images, name resolution services, catalog queries or archive indices. The Astrobrowse effort is rapidly evolving with collaborations on-going with the CDS and STScI. Later versions of Astrobrowse will use the GLU system developed at CDS to provide a distributable database of astronomy resources. The Astrobrowse agent has been written to be customizable and portable and is freely available to interested parties.
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