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Paper: Archiving Data from Ground-Based Observatories
Volume: 6, Twenty Years of ADASS
Page: 123
Authors: Albrecht, M. A.
Abstract: Archiving data acquired with ground based telescopes is constrained by the fact that the life-time of instruments and detectors is considerably shorter than the expected life-time of the archive. This feature differentiates ground-based originated archives radically from their space-borne counterparts. The organization of the observations catalogue becomes highly dependent on the capability of the archive to deal with new instrumental configurations. We introduce in this paper, the concept of an archive database as opposed to the static catalogue design currently in use in many archiving facilities, as a method to deal with this problem. We present a brief review of activities currently in progress in this area and draw a perspective towards the archives and data systems of the new generation of observatories in the era of very large telescopes.
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